While the Gorges du Verdon have a worldwide and historic reputation for climbing, our region is plural in this matter, the sites of Annot, Aiglun and generally countless other sites will allow everyone to express themselves on all different types of rock (sandstone, limestone, pelites.) and in different styles: great routes, adventure grounds, initiation cliff, blocks.

Initiation lessons

This lessons are to learn the basics and the handling of equipment, the first step towards autonomy (encordement, insurage, gestures, rappelling, etc.).

Tarification: 45€
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    • Perfectionment/Training

For those who are already climbing and are autonomous, you will get personalized advice to progress (passing from resin to rock, training concepts, rope handling, development of the gestural repertoire, rhythm, etc.) or simply to discover a new cliff following your wishes.

Tarif: 45€
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    • Big Walls

The gorges may seem a little inaccessible to most people, we will help you choose the path of your dreams, access it and make sure you get out of it. We can also give you the benefit of our adventure playground equipment or allow you to climb the most recent routes.

Tarification: on request
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  • Adventure field training courses

    We organize different training courses, including preparation for the «list of races of aspiring climbing instructors», these courses are not only for future instructors but can give you a technical background to open up your practice towards the adventure field or the mountain.
    These courses are in addition a good pretext to measure themselves in safety (relative!!!) to the great «classic» routes of the gorges. (see also in the news)

Tarification:On request
Plus d’informations sur les tarifs

Parcours Duration level Min Age Area Tarification €
Initiation/perfectionment 1/2 day 9 years Annot/Palud/Castellane 45
Big walls Propositions Autonomous 14 years Divers à la demande
training courses Propositions 16 years Divers à la demande