Discover Canyoning

A fun way to discover the most aquatic and steep hilled canyons of the region through jumps, swims, slides and abseils.

The  fondamental difference between canyoning and aqua rando ( or other water activities) is that during canyoning you are in a narrow area which doesn’t give you the possibility to get around the obstacles.

The aquatic  canyons are mainly composed of jumps and slides, the technical ones have many rope manoeuvres. The mixt ones are a mix of both aspects.

It is very rare to encounter mandatory high jumps or slides in dynamic areas of the canyons, every guide has a rope with him and has the ability to help you (abseil). Nontheless, please choose an activity that is in adequation to your capacities and that of the group.

The canyons are arranged following their syle, length and technicity:

Canyoning 1/2 Day

St Auban – Canyoning  1/2 day aquatic, 55€

Le Mas – Canyoning 1/2 day mixt, 50€

Canyoning With the family

Gour du Ray – Canyoning 1/2 day (8ans) mixt, 50€

Haut Jabron – FamilyCanyon (8ans), 50€

Kid’s canyon – Canyoning aquatic family (5 ans), 35€

Canyoning 1/2

day mixt

Le Loup – Canyon aquatic 1/2 day, 50€

Cagole – Canyoning 1/2 day mixt, 50€

day Canyoning

Aiglun –  aquatic full day, 80€

Riolan – Mixt full day canyon 80€

Canyoning Extrême

Aiglun freeride – Extreme Canyoning  80€

La Lance – Extreme Canyoning  80€

Siagne de la Pare – Mixt extreme Canyoning  80€

Le Raton – Mixt extreme canyoning 80€


Val d’Angouire – spring canyon 80 euros

Le Riou – spring canyon 70 euros

Le Loup – spring canyon 55 euros

Bas Jabron – spring canyon

Chaudan – spring canyon

Cuébris – spring canyon

Haut Jabron – spring canyon

St Jean – spring canyon

your pictures

Your guide may have taken some picturesduring the activity, it would be our pleasure to give them to you on demand. If you are happy wih the activity we would be happy if you shared the experience on tripadvisor: