In essence the event involves a notion of adaptation, we work all year to different agencies in the region and know perfectly the different activities and sites suitable for this type of product.

Our niche is the one to discover the particular site on which we operate through not one but several combined modular activities to please everyone.

Often, in order to best adapt our response to the disparate level of participants, we organize a common frame with options varying intensity, so do not lose the conviviality of the day.

Some sites allow to link several activities without making motorized transfers, while offering the opportunity to picnic (or bivouac), these are the sites that we favor.

However, some of our activities are mobile (yodel, path adventures drill ...) if your needs require, we are in contact with the hosting tissue but also transport and to organize what you want or you want.

An example: Stag life

Some sites where we operate frequently:


  1. Creeks of Marseille, water rally, in collaboration with the Natrium company http://www.natrium.fr/;
  2. Verdon Gorge, combination of vertical activities (yodel, canyoning, recall…) and white water activities (raft, air-boat..) some junctions can be made by mountain bike;
  3. Upper Verdon, combination of canyoning and paragliding baptisms in collaboration with the company Aérogliss http://www.aerogliss.com/
  4. The gorges of the Ardèches and Camargue varied activities http://muratti.adventures.free.fr/;
  5. Estéron, Corporate raid combining, ATV, giant zip, canyoning and camping;
  6. Annot, orienteering embellished with vertical themed workshops;
  7. Estérel, Nice, Sea Kayaking combination, jet ski and via-cordatta ending in the sea http://www.natrium.fr/.


The above examples can be modified at will, we will respond quickly to your quote request and tailor a program to your needs, in line with your budget and the places where you are.

Course ephemeral adventures:

We are also specialists in & rsquo; Insatallation adventures journey in fotêt, especially for events, we frequently call to settle in for a short period of time (day or 1/2 day), we can install some workshops and disassemble quickly, without dérériorer trees in which we operate (see in the Photos Videos).