Aqua Rando

A contemplative and refreshing pleasure, accessible to everyone (for the ½ day), it allows to swim down the river with jumps. These kind of activities are in wider rivers than during canyoning.

Two formulas are available:

Samson Tunnels

    • ½ day, A wonderful way to discover the enterance of the Gorges, this activity does not require to be a big sportive.
    • Only available during the lower seasons because there are too many people in the summer.

Tarification: 50€
Plus d’informations sur les tarifs

The integral

Big Day, a real immersion in the most secret part of the gorges, you will encounter an underground passage of the Imbut. A great classic but not within reach of all, if this activity is not intense, it still requires some endurance and the long walk back  “squeals” more than one.
This activity is done when the Verdon is flowing low (0,5 mcube/second). On request we can also make it in ADSL (high speed, 13mcube/second!!!) but only with people we know or have an excellent condition

Tarification: 80€
Plus d’informations sur les tarifs

Parcours Duration Style Level min age Area  approach walk Nav. auto Tarification €
Couloir Samson 1/2 day Aquatic, calm Initiation 8 years La Palud 5’+15′ 50
Intégrale à 0,5 m/cube full day Aquatic, long Endurance 14 years La Palud 45′ 30’+35′ 80
Intégrale à 13 m/cube full day Aquatic, dynamic Expert 18 years La Palud 45′ 30’+35′ 80