Via Ferrata/Cordata

Nepalese bridges, himalayan bridges and sometimes abrupt climbing, simple and modulable techniques or an acces on your own.
The via-ferratas have been equipped in very artificial ways with steel cables and ladders whereas the via-cordattas are really using the natural weaknesses of the mountain to put ropes to ensure our security while being way more ethical.

Our Possibilities:

    • Via ferrata of Puget-Théniers

      Very steep and aerial, it gives an incredible panoramic view over the region, it’s very little modulability ( very few escape routes) makes it accessible for people that are not very sporty but note for the people that are scared of heights.

    • The via is also faisible on your own: you will find all the information needed on  via ferrata puget théniers with it’s amazing new zipline of  470m!!

Tarification: 50€
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    • Via-cordata of the Samson tunnels

      Beautiful technical walk on the left side of the Gorges, this itinerary encounters different intallations ( ladders) of more than 150 years old that were used during a project of building a dam( that has been cancelled).
      Remodelled to the security of the day, this “via ” ends with two big abseils to end at the prestigious site of the «Baume aux pigeons».

      The pendular jump at the end of the Via.

Tarification: 70€
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    • Main-morte+via-cordata

      This activity gives you the opportunity to go down the dry canyon of « main-morte »by many abseils and to end with an epic climb overhanging the Verdon, a beautiful half a day with the freshness of the cliffs.

Tarification: 55€
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    • Trail-adventure Annot

      A total change of register and area, here you will be in the forest of Annot (biggest sandstone massif of France ), the vegetationand the area changes completly and we offer you a quite strange walk through secret tunnels and stairs carved in the cliffs by our predecessors of the middle ages.

      Some areas with ropes and abseils will give us the opportunity to get to the top of the massif after the visit of the superb natural arch, we will walk back by a more classic trail.

Tarification: 40€
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    • Trou du renard

      This one really feels like an adventure parc.

Tarification: 50€
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    • Baume aux pigeons

      Accessible thorugh the tunnels of the sentier martel, this big cave overhanging the Verdon is a theatre to many activities which gives the opportunity to combine different activities to create a circuit which is  fun and breathtakin at the same time for groups and seminars.
      (We only do this activity for groups and seminars).

Tarif: 50€
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Parcours Duration style level min Age Area Marche approche Tarif €
Via ferrata de Puget-Théniers 3/4 day Aérial beginner 12 years Annot 10′ + 20′ 50
Via-cordata couloirs Samson + saut pendulaire Vertiginous Serious 14 years La Palud 15′ 70
Main-morte + via-cordatta 1/2 day Technical and wild Medium 14 years La Palud 10′ + 10′ 55
Rando-aventure Annot 1/2 day beginner 12 years Annot Randonnée 2h 40
Trou du Renard 1/2 day Fun beginner 12 years La Palud 5′ + 5′ 50
Baume aux Pigeons 1/2 day Technical, modulable Medium 14 years La Palud 10′ 50